Mojave National Preserve
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Desert Information Center at the Base of the World's Tallest Thermometer, Baker, CA
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East Mojave Links:
A Variety of Viewpoints about the Mojave Desert:
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Desert Information Center, Baker, CA

Hiking in Mojave National Preserve
Bicycling in Mojave National Preserve
Mojave National Preserve by Motorcycle
Mojave National Preserve by Car - Trip Reports
4-Wheeling in Mojave National Preserve

Mojave National Preserve Tourist Information Links

Spectacular Scenery - Links to special Photography Sites

BLM - Biological Opinion for Cattle Grazing
Bureau of Land Management - Barstow Field Office
Bureau of Land Management - National Home Page
Bureau of Land Management - Needles Field Office
California State Parks - Mojave Desert
California Dept of Water Resources - Colorado River
Cero Coso Community College - Janet Westbrook
CERES - 7.5 Minute Maps of San Bernardino County
Citizens for Mojave National Park
Desert Dave's East Mojave Page
Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee
Desert Tripper - The East Mojave
Digital Desert - Mojave National Preserve
Draft EIS & General Management Plan
Francois Micheloud - Flying the Desert
G. Donald Bain - Virtual Reality Panoramas
Goose's & Lady Desert Rat's Home Page
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages - Mojave National Preserve
Guide to America's National Parks
John Cletheroe's Holiday Hints
Mark's WebPage - Field trip with CalState - LA
Mojave Desert AQMD
Mojave Desert Science Symposium
Mojave Desert Marine Corp. Assoc.
Mojave Web Servers
National Air and Space Museum
National Park Service - Mojave National Preserve
National Park Service - NEMO - Mojave Planning Effort
National Parks Conserv. Assoc. - Mojave National Preserve
National Parks of the Southwest - Gateway to the Mojave National Preserve
Pomona College - Petroglyphs in the Mojave Desert
Rocky 7 - Mars Rover - Mojave Field Experiments
Powdermill IV - Desert Travelogue
SCORE - A Virtual Museum of the Mojave Desert
Smithsonian - Center for Earth & Plantary Studies
Somewhere West of Denver - A West Coast Railfan's photo pages
The American Southwest - Mojave National Preserve
The Desert Tortoise Council
The Mojave Desert Phone Booth  and more  and still more
         and "Mission: Hang It Up"  and a Photojournalist's Journal
         Note:  proving once again that there is no diversity in Biodiversity -
           the Mojave phone booth has been removed by the EOF
           (Enemies of Freedom) - May, 2000.  Reason given?  Too many people
           were visiting it.
The Wilderness Society
Tom Schweich - Eastern Mojave Vegetation
29 Palms Inn
UCSB Biogeography Lab
University of Illinois - biodiversity
USC - Alejandro Alonso - Field Study
USDA - Mojave Desert
USGS - Geology of Mojave National Preserve
USGS - Long Term Climate Variation
Wolf Tracks Virtual Tours

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